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The Healthy Living Service supports students to delight in a well balanced and healthy life and has the ability to direct and refer students to proper healthcare services at times of ill health.

The For All Healthy Living Centre offers a range of services, facilities and activities for the regional neighborhood. This consists of: Primary Medical Service, Neighborhood Cafe, lunch club, community hall, library, Kid's Centre, Church, meeting and training rooms and office. The Healthy Living Service is a Trust-wide service and works with service users at various places throughout Leeds. Anybody accessing services offered by Leeds and York Partnership NHS Foundation Trust can ask their Care Organizer for a referral to the Healthy Living Service.

As part of the DSA's Awareness Week 2014 on health, the DSA produced numerous healthy living overviews of help individuals with Down's syndrome care for their health. These include 'easy read' guides for individuals with Down's syndrome, and guides for carers and parents to support healthy way of life choices. Information4living provides a searchable list of online sources of info for health and wellbeing, cash, advantages and work. Totally searchable by postal code, this site links straight to local information in Medway in addition to key nationwide sources.

The entryway to the the centre is off Barlow Road by means of Market Street. Free parking is offered on website at the front and surrounding to the building. There are handicapped automobile parking bays situated near the centre and automatic access doors for simple access to the structure. The University of Bristol motivates students to take a proactive approach to their health and well being. Striving to be identified as a healthy university, we offer a variety of programs and services providing recommendations to students who identify the value of a healthy student experience. Check your BMI: Determine your Body Mass Index and get a suggested meal plan to assist you reach your objectives.